Monday, May 16, 2011

Gildn'Tile With Tom and Justin. The Most Beautiful Ceramic Tile Ever Created.

Now, it doesn't matter what your tastes are, there's going to be something here for you.  If you aren't particularly fond of any of the supremely beautiful examples below - then if you contact Tom and Justin with your ideas, then maybe something can be worked out with those as well.  As it stands though, I'm in awe of these, and if I had things my way - then I'd have a home full of those wolves, and Aztec themes.  I live in Texas, but wherever you are, and wherever you live - Gildn'Tile will definitely have THE HIGHEST quality tile with the most beautiful art available anywhere that you look.  I dare you to find anything comparable to this stuff, I've never seen anything like it.

For all inquiries contact Tom at  Do me a favor and tell him that Todd sent you.  I know you'll enjoy these beautiful tiles.  I enjoy just looking at them on the net.

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